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UCLA is located in the sprawling city of Los Angeles, California. Specifically, the majestic university campus, including the UCLA Extension building, is located in the neighborhood of Westwood Village. This small “college town” is not far from other areas of interest, such as Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Century City, West Hollywood, and Bel-Air.


It is true that California, especially Los Angeles, has a culture of its own. You will find that Los Angeles is a very open and progressive city, especially on the university campus. You will meet people from all cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, social classes, and religions. This variety is what makes Los Angeles such an exciting and dynamic city. Due to this diverse environment, everyone is rather open and accepting. Therefore, no matter what your interests are, you will find a place there. It is also quite common in LA culture to casually meet and talk to new people. In this sense, it can be quite easy to make new friends or acquaintances. In general, people in LA are relaxed and friendly. Bear in mind that Los Angeles is a very pleasant place to be, but you must learn to accept the heavy traffic and driving culture. However, do not worry about being able to drive or not during your time as a student. Most UCLA students live near the campus, so it is not common to have a car there anyway. Westwood Village itself has a lot of entertainment, so it is easy to get around in the surrounding area on foot. If you want to go to a nearby area, such as Santa Monica, it is also quite easy to take the bus from the campus stop. 


Los Angeles is home to nearly 4 million inhabitants. In this way, it is like its own mini country. As a major global city and immigration hub, Los Angeles is home to a rich diversity of people from around the country and the world. Therefore, the LA population is truly representative of the American “melting pot”.


True to its reputation, LA is truly sunny and warm all year. Though temperatures drop slightly during the fall and winter months, there are no true seasonal changes in Southern California. Therefore, it is not unusual to enjoy a nice beach day in December.


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