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Campus and accommodation at the University of California

The UC Berkeley Extension Building is located just a few blocks from the UC Berkeley campus in the heart of downtown Berkeley. There are many different housing options available that you can choose from.

Where to live?
You choose your accommodation based on your preferences and budget. You can choose the bustling atmosphere of a dormitory, the personal experience of living with a host family or the independence of a shared or private apartment. 

You must secure your own place to live while studying, but UCBE works with several housing providers to help you find the ideal accomodation. Most students choose to live around the campus in Berkeley, but others prefer to live in San Francisco and commute into Berkeley. 

Types of accomodation
Dormitories are a good choice if you want a structured atmosphere with opportunities to meet new people.

Apartments are recommended if you want to be more independent and prefer a quiet atmosphere for studying and privacy.

Homestays might be a good fit if you are looking for a private room in a local family’s home. The homestays are quite popular and available in both San Francisco, Berkeley and other nearby areas.

Hotels or hostels are suggested while you are looking for long-term housing.

Although the university facilitates contact between students and housing providers as a service, the agreement for housing is between the student and the housing provider.

It is very important that you are completely certain before signing a lease. Breaking a lease or leaving earlier is a serious legal matter. International Student Services cannot give legal advice, but will refer students to Renter’s Assistance on campus.

Get a more detailed overview about housing in San Francisco and Berkeley.

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