Santa Monica College

Entrance to library at Santa Monica College

Student life at Santa Monica College

The main campus is located less than 3 km from the beach and several other related campuses. On the main campus, students find everything they need.


There are computer rooms, fitness facilities, areas for performing and visual arts and many student clubs. The campus has won several awards for its design and sustainability and there are fountains and cozy sitting areas for the students.


There is no student housing on campus, but there are several types of student apartments and other types of housing. All new students are offered accommodation in private apartments near campus the first semester. You share bedroom, kitchen and bathroom in the apartments and have access to the pool. The advisors at the International Education Center (IEC) can help students find suitable private housing.


There are many ways to get around in Santa Monica. Cycling is popular and there is a well-developed public transport system that can take you to campus. Santa Monica Big Blue Bus is free for students, and can take you round Santa Monica and West Los Angeles. Many students go to school by car.


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