Santa Monica College

Apply to Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College has ongoing admission, but we recommend that you apply well ahead before you start your studies. KILROY education can help you so contact us if you are in doubt on how to apply to this university.

Admission Requirements

Santa Monica College will evaluate your application in relation to your past and current studies, your grades and the courses that you are attending at the moment. They require that you have achieved a good average academic performance in high school, but there may be exceptions.

English Requirements

All new students must take an "assessment test" in English and mathematics when they start their studies, so you will not need to take an English language when you apply to Santa Monica College.
If you wish to avoid this evaluation upon arrival you can choose to take a TOEFL test before you go.

Application Deadlines

Spring (Semester 1): January 5th

Fall (Semester 2): June 1st

Application Form

Please contact KILROY education.

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