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At Santa Monica College (SMC) in California, you can start studying at very affordable prices. The range of programs is large, and you can take two years of your bachelor degree here! To complete a bachelor degree you can apply for transfer to an American university.

Why study at Santa Monica College?

At Santa Monica College, you can take an Associate degree and you have over 80 different areas to choose from. You are likely to find subjects you want to study and SMC has fantastic facilities for its students. On the main campus, just 3 km from the coast, students have almost everything they need. When you study at SMC and want to do a bachelor's degree it is possible to for apply for transfer to a university. SMC is one of the state's leading colleges in transfers to e.g. the University of California.

Academic reputation

Santa Monica College is known as one of the best community colleges in the U.S.A. and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Number of students: 30,000
Number of international students: 3,000

Academic year

Studies start twice a year: January and August/September
Obligatory introductory seminar is held approx. 3 -5 weeks before studies start

Degrees and tuition fees

  • Study Abroad: approx. EUR2,800 per semester
  • Associate Degree: approx. EUR 2,800 per semester

The college requires an annual budget of approx. $ 22,000 (about EUR 16,500), this includes tuition fees for two semesters, housing, books, food and pocket money.


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