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As an international student, you can apply for an English language program, a certificate, or 1-2 semesters of study abroad at San Diego State University in California. You´ll be taught by academics who are experts in their field and you´ll have many courses to choose from.

Along with the American Language Institute (ALI) KILROY offers the opportunity to study at San Diego State University (SDSU) as part of your university studies in your home country or straight after Upper Secondary School.

What can I study at San Diego State University?

You can study:

  • English language programs and certificates
    ALI offers a variety of English Language programs for different purposes. For instance, you can apply for a course that improves your academic English and communication skills, or combine language studies with a business emphasis. ALI also offers many different certificates. Options include a Business Certificate or a Hospitality and Tourism Certificate.

  • Study abroad for one or two semesters
    SDSU offers more than 80 different fields of study. As a study abroad student, you can study at SDSU for one or two semesters.

There are two programs to choose from - the Semester at SDSU General Courses program or the Semester at SDSU Business Courses program. If you take the General Courses program, you can enroll in a variety of SDSU courses, ranging from economics to history, engineering to art. You will study alongside American, as well as other international students.

If you want to apply for the Business Courses program, you must have completed university level coursework in a business-related major. You will take classes with international students, and can choose between a wide variety of business courses, such as accounting, business administration, finance, management, marketing and management information systems. If you want to, you can also take some General courses as part of your program.

Contact our study advisors if you need help finding the courses you are looking for.

Please note: All enrollments in SDSU classes are on space-available basis, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to get  your first choice or specific courses. Through a so-called ‘crashing-system' you register for courses online at arrival according to whether there is place on your preferred courses. Contact KILROY for more information.

When do the semesters start?

The academic year is divided into two semesters. The fall semester runs from late August to late December, while the spring semester begins in January and lasts until late May. We recommend that you apply as early as possible, since SDSU has an early deadline. There is a rolling intake, which means you may be accepted before the application deadline. It also means that spaces might fill up before the deadline!

Study programs and courses at SDSU

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