San Diego State University

Student accommodation at San Diego State University

Accommodation at San Diego State University

Would you like to study at San Diego State University, but don't you know where to live? Don't worry! We will guide you, tell you where you can live as a student in San Diego and inform you about what campus life is like.

Student accommodation in San Diego

San Diego State University (SDSU) offers well-equipped accommodation options and works closely with a number of providers. You can live with fellow students in a student housing facility, or you can decide for private rental or a homestay if you would like to live with an American family. You can choose between the following accommodation options:

  • University Towers Dormitory: Within walking distance from the main campus, you can share a room with another student at the University Towers Dormitory. Meals are included, 7 days a week. You’ll have access to a shared kitchen.
  • On-Campus Apartments: Within walking distance or a short shuttle ride from the campus, you can share an On-Campus Apartment with other students. You’ll have a communal kitchen. Prices depend on the number of rooms and if you share the bedroom and bathroom or not.
  • Homestay: Live with an American host family, including two meals a day.
  • Off-Campus Apartments: Many students choose to rent an apartment off campus with some other students. This is the cheapest alternative and the university can help you. Popular neighbourhoods for students are Mission Beach and Pacific Beach.

There is always an option that suits your needs and budget. Our study advisors will be happy to give you more information.

san-diego-state-running-on-the-beach.jpgTake a run on the beach - just because you can.

Campus San Diego State University

The idyllic university campus of SDSU is located only ten minutes from the most beautiful beaches of California. The Mission Bay Aquatic Center will give you access to various activities such as surfing and water skiing. The campus has great facilities, like modern learning spaces, sports facilities, cool cafés, a swimming pool, library, several shops and dedicated support staff to help you find your way at university and during your studies.

Transport from campus to the city

Getting around in San Diego is quite easy. Public transport is well organized. San Diego has a comfortable public transport system, called the Trolley, which provides students access to many sites in and around San Diego. It also stops at the SDSU campus and is only a three-minute walk from the SDSU’s American Language Institute.

Campus life at SDSU

In addition to a wide selection of courses you can also take part in the vibrant student life at SDSU. The university offers good sports facilities and lots of student organisations and clubs that you can join. By joining these organisations and clubs and participating in the activities at the International Student Centre, you’ll make lots of new friends.

Friends forever
Make lots of new friends from all over the world

SDSU’s American Language Institute organizes social activities that strengthen your English communication skills, promote cross-cultural engagement and encourage an active lifestyle. You can participate in volunteer programs, outdoor trips, sports activities and many cultural events.

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