Practical information about studies in USA

Living and studying in the USA also involves many practical issues that KILROY hopefully can give the answers to.

Visa to the USA

You must have a student visa to study in the the U.S. You will receive the necessary papers from the university, and you will also be called in for an interview at the the U.S. Embassy.  The visa must be granted before you travel to the U.S.

A student visa is usually granted for the entire study period and then valid as a tourist visa in 60 days after the last day of the semester.  More information about the visa can be obtained by contacting KILROY.

Health in the USA

Vaccinations are not required when you travel to the U.S. However, it is necessary to sign a medical and liability insurance before you leave, otherwise you can easily be ruined by just one short trip to the hospital. It is wise to be particularly well-insured in the the U.S. KILROY education works closely with Gouda that offers special insurances for students abroad. Contact KILROY education if you are interested in more information about this insurance.

Travelling to and from the US

There are several direct routes from Europe to the U.S. 

KILROY has cheap and flexible tickets for you as students. Search for cheap flights.

Domestic transport in the US

The U.S. has one of the world's most developed transportation networks at least if you prefer to fly or drive a car. Public transportation as buses and trains is less developed than in Europe. The express buses such as the Greyhound is a cheap alternative between the major cities in the U.S. The trains which are mainly run by Amtrak, are expensive and do not run as often as the buses.

There is a great number of airlines both traditional and low cost airlines. On popular routes there are great competition and it is ususally easy to get cheap tickets. On less popular routes it may be somewhat more expensive. You must have a valid international driving license to drive a car in the U.S. It is cheap to buy your own car and some students decide to buy a car.

Housing in the USA

Most universities have student dorms where students can live on campus. Food is often included but not for the apartments with own kitchen. The prices vary depending on the standard and they might in some places be relatively high. It can often be cheaper to arrange accomondation on your own.

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