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NYFA Student Roope on the red carpet

Student stories from New York Film Academy

What's it actually like to study at New York Film Academy? See what former students have to say about their time at NYFA!

Name: Roope

Degree: BFA in Acting for Film

Campus: NYFA in Los Angeles

Roope during his bachelor studies at NYFA Los Angeles

"Studying at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles was truly a wonderful experience. The most rewarding aspect of it was that every day in Los Angeles was different. New York Film Academy offers great education, experience, and resources, but studying is your own responsibility. You decide what you want to get out of it. Studying at NYFA has been one of the best decisions of my life, and a great investment in my future. I recommend studying at the New York Film Academy to anyone interested in a career in film!" - Roope


Name: Emma

DegreeSpecial Holiday Acting Workshop

Campus: NYFA in New York

Emma (left) took a 6-week course at NYFA in New York

Emma and her ​​friend Caro attended the "Special Holiday Acting Workshop" - a short, but intensive and affordable 6-week course in the acting. It gave them an introduction to film acting and theatre plays within subjects like improvisation, monologues, audition training, camera training, voice and movement and much, much more. 6-9 hours of lessons per day ensured a lot of valuable experience in a short amount of time both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. In addition, the student life in New York was amazing and both girls got friends from around the world during their stay in New York.


Name: Hanna

Degree: 4-week photography workshop

Campus: NYFA in New York

Hanna studied photography at NYFA

"I've never had such great teachers as I did at NYFA. They are extremely experienced, relaxed, informal and fun while at the same time being very educational. A perfect combination if you want to learn more within the topic of your choice. I think it also helped that all of my teachers were photographers too. That ensured that they were updated on the latest techniques and had all the topic related terms fresh in mind.

You attend school 5 days a week, but usually not all day. You don't spend that much time in classrooms. Instead you are out in the streets of New York to practice your skills." - Hanna



Name: Martine

Degree: 4-week photography workshop

Campus: NYFA in New York

Martine did a workshop in photography at NYFA

"I chose the course to learn more about photography to be better qualified for the job market and to be better at capturing my travel memories. The course is very intensive and very hands on so you learn a lot in a short amount of time. And it is the perfect opportunity to try living in New York. The classes were small and you quickly got to know the other students through group work.

Most students come from far away and therefore know few or no one in New York, there is a lot of social activities outside of class too. The school is open from 08.00 to 23.00 with teacher assistants and equipment available all the time so that is just awesome! - Martine

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