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New York Film Academy (NYFA) was founded in 1992 and quickly became one of America's leading film schools. The school has small classes and qualified teachers and guest lecturers, all with experience from Hollywood and the film industry in the United States. In the US, NYFA has campuses in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, so you get to choose where you want to start your career in film!

Below, you will find basic information about studying at NYFA. Our other pages provide you with information about study programsaccommodationstudent life in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, and the application process.

Why should you study at New York Film Academy?

New York Film Academy (NYFA) is one of America's leading schools for film and acting. Here, the pace is high and the classes small, and you have every opportunity to get in on the action and develop your skills. There are no set entry requirements for most programs, but you must be prepared to use all your time and energy on your studies. At NYFA the principle is "learning by doing".

Studying in New York, Los Angeles or Miami you will find yourself at the center of the movie world. There is a mix of people, languages, cultures, and foods which is not found anywhere else. New York, Los Angeles, and Miami is the perfect setting for filmmakers!

Get experience behind the camera at New York Film Academy

What can you study?

NYFA specializes in subjects related to the film and television. You can pick from courses such as film production, acting, screenplay, documentary, animation, musical theatre, photography, broadcast journalism, illustration, digital editing, graphic design or video game design.

At NYFA, you can take a short-term workshop, a 1-2 year conservatory program, or an associate degree, bachelor or master program. Full degree programs are only offered at the Los Angeles, California, and the South Beach, Miami campuses. Workshops and Conservatory programs are not currently available to international students at the Miami campus. 

  • Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Associate of Fine Arts
  • 1 or 2 year Conservatory Programs
  • Short term programs (1-8 week workshops)

What makes NYFA unique?

New York Film Academy focuses on learning by doing. From day one you could be placed behind the camera learning how to use the equipment or get expert feedback on your acting skills.

In addition to the campuses in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, NYFA offers certain programs in Australia, Dubai, Tokyo, Paris, and many other great locations. At NYFA you're offered truly professional education. All teachers are active in their field, and the school is always evolving the course offerings to keep up with the ever-changing entertainment industry.

You get to learn from the best as the film industry greats regularly host guest talks at NYFA. Previous guest speakers include Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Glenn Close, Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, and many, many more.

There are 7500 students at NYFA of which 2600 are international students. All of the above contribute to making the environment at NYFA a dynamic and fun place to study.

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Learn more about NYFA:

You will find a lot more information on New York Film Academy's website about campuses, courses, and student life. In addition, they are actively present on social media so you can learn more about NYFA on your preferred social media network.

Academic Year

Starting dates depend on the course or program you wish to take. Get in touch with our study advisors to learn more.

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