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Student life in Hawaii

The campuses of Hawaii Pacific University are located on the southeast shore of the island Oahu, the third largest Hawaiian island. Honolulu is the capital city of the islands of Hawaii. Oahu is also home to over 100 of the world’s most beautiful beaches of which Waikiki is probably the best known. Read on for all the activities that you can do when you aren’t studying.

Student life in Hawaii won't be boring

Aloha! This is Hawaiian for “hello” or “welcome”. Hawaii is a great place to study, especially for students from the Northern European countries who want to escape the cold and dark winters. The climate is perfect, with temperatures of around 28 degrees Celsius all year round.

Oahu is the perfect mix of surf and beach on the one hand, and nightlife and big city on the other hand. The many, many white beaches on the island provide the perfect spot for surfing, snorkelling and relaxing. The area surrounding Waikiki beach is known for its many restaurants, nightlife and shopping opportunities.

Most people do not realize however that Honolulu is the thriving economic heart of the island and that many (international) companies have offices in this city. So you and your fellow students have plenty of opportunities to learn how to surf and explore the nightlife afterwards!

Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. People from different ethnic backgrounds live on the islands and Asian Americans are the largest group. About 10% of the residents on the island are native Hawaiian. Have you considered taking some lessons so you can learn how to dance the hula?

Hawaii Pacific University has two campuses. The main campus is the downtown campus in Honolulu, which hosts the College of Business Administration and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The second campus is the more remote Loa campus, about 8 miles or 15 minutes drive out of the city. This is the site of the College of Natural and Computational Sciences and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, as well as many general education courses.

The fun side of university life in Hawaii

After a hard (or not so hard) day of studying you can blow off steam by playing sports. The university has a range of sports teams including baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis and golf. You may also participate in cheering at the Sharks! And there is a fitness centre as well, so you can work on that perfect six pack! If you prefer further academic challenges you can join the Student Leadership Challenge or go to an Employment Workshop. And no student life without some fun events and parties of course! How about the Halloween Funfest, the Club Carnival or the annual talent show ”Da Freak”? If you are a singer, you can join the choir. There is something for everyone!

Did we mention the beaches yet? The island of Oahu has over 100 beaches! Waikiki on the south shore is among the most popular and well-known beaches and a lot of students find accommodation on this part of the island. From here, the bus will take you to downtown Honolulu in about 30 minutes. The north shore beaches are famous for their big waves during the winter, perfect if you are an experienced surfer or if you just want to watch those surfer dudes catch some waves. If you prefer to snorkel, you really should go to Turtle Bay on the North Shore.

The best of both worlds

Apart from the abundance of beautiful beaches on Hawaii, there is a lot of culture to explore as well. Why not visit one of the museums on native Hawaiian culture or go to the zoo to see some of the rare native animals of Hawaii? Waikiki offers some great shopping as well –you will find stores with major international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. You can also make a visit to a pineapple of coffee plantation. Did you know that Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee?

7 Things to do for free

  1. Hike up the Diamond Head volcano. This national natural monument is located just outside Waikiki. The walk is short but steep. Once you made it to the top, you will be rewarded by panoramic views of the city and the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Watch the sun go down from one of the many beautiful beaches. Bring someone special to make it even more memorable!
  3. Watch professional surfers battle the waves during one of the many annual surf competitions. The north shore of Oahu is famous for its winter waves and several competitions are held during the November-February months. Some competitions don’t even have set dates but are held only when the waves hit a face height of 40 feet or more.
  4. Learn all about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and the role of the US in World War II at the Pearl Harbour Visitor Centre. Entry is free! Come early though to beat the large flocks of tourists. The museum opens at 07.00 (OK, we realise that might a bit too early for students but be brave – it will be worth your while).
  5. Have lunch and relax at Kapiolani Park. A perfect place to bring your textbooks and study and enjoy the sunshine at the same time!
  6. Wander around China Town in Honolulu. OK, lunch or dinner are not free, but a person has got to eat anyway…. Might as well be a nice and fresh traditional Chinese meal then.
  7. Visit the Honolulu Night Market. Every 3rd Saturday of the month Kakaako comes alive with an evening event that combines fashion, live music, art, shopping and local food. Dance to traditional Hawaiian music to work up an appetite and then try some local food. All of this can be done under the Honolulu city lights.

Climate in Hawaii

The climate in Hawaii is perfect all year round. There is no significant difference between the four seasons and the average temperature is 28°C all year round. The only difference is that there is a bit more rain during the winter season.

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