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Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) offers a wide range of programs and has campuses in both downtown Honolulu and in the quieter and suburban area Kaneohe. Classes are small and there is room for interaction with your teachers. HPU is a very global university and you will meet lecturers and students from all over the world. In your free time, you can go surfing in Waikiki or just “hang loose”.

Below, you will find basic information about studying at Hawaii Pacific University. Our other pages provide you with information about study programs, student life in Hawaii, accommodation, the application process and student stories.

10 Good reasons to study at Hawaii Pacific University

  1. A diverse student population: Your fellow students hail from over 100 different countries from all over the world.
  2. A wide range of study options – over more than 50 bachelor degrees and 14 master degrees to choose from.
  3. A student- faculty ration of 15-1, so plenty of valuable one on one time with professors to reach your academic goals!
  4. HPU’s location in the center of the world’s largest ocean makes it the ideal place to study marine sciences and oceanography. HPU is connected to the Oceanic Institute - a major research center specializing in marine biology, marine aquaculture, biotechnology, and ocean resource management.
  5. There are also several scholarships available to international bachelor degree students, ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 per academic year.
  6. HPU’s student life is very active, with approximately 50 different student organizations that you can join, whether it be United Nations club, the International club or the Leaders for a Sustainable Future club.
  7. The main campus is located in the heart of downtown Honolulu - the financial, cultural and governmental hub of Hawaii.
  8. Since Hawaii is a very popular tourist destination, it is the perfect place to learn about the tourism industry and also explore it!
  9. Hawaii is home to some of the worlds’ most beautiful beaches.
  10. The people of Hawaii are known for their friendliness. It is very common to talk to random strangers on buses or in elevators for example.

What can I study at Hawaii Pacific University?

You can study:

  • A Bachelor
  • A Master
  • A semester or two (Study Abroad) called the Visiting Students Program.

You can study a great variety of programs and courses at HPU. We suggest that you read more about the study programs at HPU and contact KILROY's study advisors for further information and guidance.

Hawaii Pacific University’s reputation and ranking

  1. HPU ranked number 1 in the nation for diversity in 2014, according to USA Today. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and learn new things as 47% of the university population is coming from out of state and 7% from out of the country.
  2. The Princeton Review lists HPU among its “Best in the West” recommended schools in its recent “2016 Best Colleges: Region by Region” website feature. Only 125 colleges in fifteen Western states made the list.
  3. Honolulu is recognized as one of the "Best Small Cities for College Students" in 2014, according to the American Institute of Economic Research (AIER).

What does it cost to study at Hawaii Pacific University?

The cost of studying at Hawaii Pacific University varies according to your level of study and study field. Our study advisors will be happy to send you the preliminary price for your preferred study program and courses, as well as an estimated budget of living in Hawaii. Moreover, our study advisors can help you answer any question you might have. Contact us to receive information about tuition fees, living costs, an estimate budget and answers to your questions.

Fun facts about Hawaii Pacific University

  • The university has over 7000 students and they come from all 50 US states, as well as close to a 100 different countries (and you will be one of them).
  • The university has its own symphony orchestra (and if you are qualified, you can play in it).
  • The Women’s Softball team won the National Championship for NCAA Division II in 2010 and both the cheerleading and dance programs have been among the US’ most successful in competitions over the past 10 years (and you can support them).
  • Students study sea turtles or whales aboard the Oceanic Institute’s 42-foot research vessel.

How can KILROY help me study at HPU?

KILROY offers free student counselling, and we'll assist you all the way from your very first questions about studying at HPU, to the application process and your arrival in Hawaii. Our study advisors can send you an estimated budget of your expenses during your studies. Please get in contact to hear more about your opportunities to study at HPU. We look forward to hearing from you!

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