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Students at Foothill-De Anza Colleges

Study programs at Foothill-De Anza Colleges

At Foothill-De Anza Colleges, your educational opportunities range from short-term English language programs, to professional certificates, and one or two study abroad semesters.

What can I study at Study programs at Foothill-De Anza Colleges?

FHDA gives you the option to enroll in:

  • Certificate in the areas: Business, Economics, Foreign Language and more
  • English language programs
  • Study Abroad

When do the semesters start?

Courses at Foothill and De Anza Colleges begin three times a year: 

  • Fall: August
  • Winter: December/January
  • Spring: March

Study Programs at Foothill-De Anza Colleges

  • Business
  • Social sciences
  • Information technology
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Performing arts
  • Humanities

If you are interested of studies at FHDA Colleges we recommend you to apply as soon as possible. KILROY can help you with the whole application process, and you are welcome to contact us!

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