Foothill-DeAnza Colleges

Apply to Foothill-DeAnza Colleges

Apply to Foothill-DeAnza Colleges

Below you can read more about how you apply to Foothill and DeAnza Colleges. If you are interested in these colleges, please contact KILROY's study advisors, the official representative in the Nordic countries, The Netherlands and Belgium. KILROY will help you with all your questions, application form and practical information.

Admission Requirements Foothill-DeAnza Colleges

Study abroad students must present average grades to be accepted to Foothill-DeAnza Colleges. You may also have to take an English language test (TOEFL or IELTS). Expect a moderate to heavy daily workload. Foothill-DeAnza Colleges are a great step on they way to other universities in USA.

Admission requirements can vary depending on courses and programs so get in touch with your KILROY study advisor for the updated requirements. They can also tell you if Foothill-DeAnza Colleges offer scholarships to international students.

When should I apply to Foothill-DeAnza Colleges?

The application deadline to Foothill-DeAnza Colleges can be from three to six months before the start of the program/course, depending on your choice of studies. It is always good to apply as early as possible - please contact KILROY for more information.

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