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De Anza College building - Foothill-De Anza Colleges, Silicon Valley, California

Foothill-DeAnza Colleges

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Foothill and De Anza Community Colleges serves famous California communities such as Cupertino, Los Altos, Palo Alto and Stanford. Foothill College is located in Los Altos Hills and De Anza College in Cupertino. Combined, Foothill-De Anza is one of the largest college districts in the United States with 64,000 students a year.

Below, you will find basic information about studying at Foothill-De Anza Colleges, California. Our other pages provide you with information about study programsaccommodationstudent life and the application process.

You can get an outstanding and affordable education at Foothill and De Anza. Each college has its own personality and both have a rich array of academic programs. Faculties and staff are dedicated to helping students from all walks of life achieve their educational goals, whether that's upgrading skills, training for a career or preparing for US or international university transfer.

5 good reasons to study at Foothill-De Anza Colleges, California

  • Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and close to San Francisco - one of the most interesting areas on the US West Coast
  • Affordable tuition fees compared to other colleges in the US
  • Average 20-25 students per class and professor focus (not teaching assistants)
  • International programs office dedicated to helping students adjust to campus, community and student life in general
  • Guaranteed transfer admission to other California Universities with a min. GPA

Academic reputation of Foothill-De Anza Colleges

  • Ranked #1 and #2 for transfer success among all community colleges in California.
  • Creation of Entrepreneur Center and Business Plan Competition judged by Silicon Valley business leaders
  • Providing 2 years of any University of California (8 campuses) and California State University (23 campuses) at half the cost
  • 15 guaranteed transfer admission agreements to 8 University of California campuses and other schools


What can I study at Foothill-De Anza Colleges?

Foothill and De Anza Community Colleges gives you the option to enroll in Animation, Biological, Health and Environmental Sciences, Broadcasting (Film/TV), Business Administration (all fields), Child Development, Computer Information Systems, Graphic Design & Computer Graphics, Language Arts, Nursing, Health Technology (Medical Assisting) and Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Foothill De Anza Colleges - located in Silicon ValleyFoothill and De Anza Colleges are located in the very heart of Silicon Valley, California

What does it cost to study at Foothill-De Anza Colleges?

The cost of studying at Foothill or De Anza colleges can vary according to your level of study and study program. Our study advisors will be happy to send you the accurate price for your preferred study program and courses, as well as an estimated budget of living in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley. You should save up in advance, but according to U.S. student visa rules, students are also allowed to work 20 hours per week on campus, which can make student life a little sweeter.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us for prices, budget or answers to your questions. KILROY offers free student counselling. 

Facts about Foothill-De Anza Colleges

  • Faculty includes Martha Kanter, former Chancellor, who served as the Undersecretary of Education in U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration
  • Total numbers of students at the two colleges: over 64,000
  • Number of international students: 4,300 from over 100 countries
  • “Most beautiful community college in USA” and award-winning buildings

Foothill De Anza Colleges Physical Science Engineering Center


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How can KILROY help me study at Foothill-De Anza in Silicon Valley, California?

KILROY offers free student counselling, and our study advisors will assist you all the way from the very first questions about studying in California, to inform you about the cost of your education to the application process and arrival in San Francisco and Foothill-De Anza Colleges. Moreover, our study advisors can send you an estimated budget of your income and expenses during your stay in California.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in study at Foothill-De Anza Colleges in California, since courses tend to reach their maximum capacity.

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