Financing your studies in the USA

Housing costs vary widely in the U.S. Rent prices can be very high on the private market in the larges cities. Costs of living will therefore vary depending on where you live.

Food and beverages are roughly the same as European prices, but it is generally cheaper to eat out. Youth and students will often be able to get discounts. You should expect between 5,500 and 8000 EUR per academic year to cover housing and living costs.

Tuition fees in the USA

Tuition fees vary widely between the different study programs and universities. Generally speaking the state universities are somewhat cheaper than the private universities. The fees of KILROY's partner universities are about 4,500 EUR per semester.

Private support

In order to finance the school fees there are several possibilities.  It can be done through support from parents, bank loans or by applying for public and private grants. You can also apply to the university you would like to study at for support from its scholarships.

Work and study in the USA

According to the U.S. immigration authorities it is not allowed to work next to the studies during the first nine months unless it is on the university campus. After nine months you will be allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours next to the studies, however full-time work is allowed during holidays.

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