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Student stories from CSU San Marcos - Stine in San Marcos

Student stories from CSU San Marcos

Would you like to know more about student life in San Marcos and read about the experiences of international students that recently studied at California State University San Marcos? Stine and Morten from Denmark will tell you all about their study abroad experience in the United States.

Stine is a bachelor student in Science in Business Administration. She did a study abroad semester at California State University of San Marcos (CSU San Marcos / CSUSM) in the United States.


  • Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Foundations of Business Environments
  • Managing the Sustainable Enterprise
  • Procurement and Supplier Management

What was the best experience during your study at CSUSM?

It is difficult to highlight one experience, as the entire study period was a great. However, we had a weekend trip to Las Vegas with some friends and that was the most fun weekend ever.

Can you recommend a good restaurant or café in San Marcos?

CSU San Marcos is a really good university, but the town is a little quiet. We spent a lot of our time in the nearby beach towns such as Carlsbad, Encinitas and Pacific Beach. If you like good Mexican food you must go to "Las Brisas Mexican Cuisine" which is a sure winner.

What did you learn from your stay in San Marcos?

I must admit that my exchange has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. Professionally, I have improved my language skills and become more comfortable presenting in front of small and large groups. Personally, I have become more independent and learned a lot about myself. I have met a lot of amazing people that I hope to see again. Without them my stay in the USA would not have been the same!

What is a "must do" when studying in San Marcos, California?

When studying in California, take advantage of the weather and the outdoors as much as possible. So be sure to hike, surf and do other outdoor activities and of course meet a lot of new people.

How did you spend your leisure time?

I spent my time on beach walks, surfing and with my roommates and friends. During weekends and holidays, we made trips to, among others Las Vegas.

Where did you live during your study?

Together with a friend of mine we rent two rooms in a newly built house. The house was close to campus and we lived with two other students.

Why did you choose to study abroad?

There were other students at my Danish school who were leaving, and my traveling companion and I were aware that it was really an opportunity for us to go if we got help from KILROY. We mainly went for the experience and because it would be a plus on our CV.

Pictures from Stine's study in California

Stine and friend during her semester in the USAStudy in California at CSUSMStudy abroad in the USAVisit to Las VegasCalifornia here I come..

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Morten is a master student in American Studies at University of Southern Denmark. He did a study abroad semester at California State University of San Marcos (CSU San Marcos / CSUSM) in the USA.


  • Historical Perspectives in Media
  • Advanced Seminar in US History
  • Philosophy and Practice of History

Morten in San Fancisco during his study abroad semester in San Marcos
Morten visiting San Francisco during his study in San Marcos

Why did you choose to study at CSUSM?

I was strongly committed to studying abroad and the US was my dream destination. The fact that I went to CSUSM in California was mainly due to my university's cooperation with KILROY. But in retrospect, I am extremely pleased with that I ended up in California, as it is absolutely fantastic.

What did you like the most in San Marcos?

San Marcos is a cosy and quiet village. The city's location in Southern California means that the climate is great all year round. In addition, San Marcos is only a half hour south of Los Angeles, 40 minutes north of San Diego and 20 minutes from the Pacific, so there are many things to see and experience. All in all, San Marcos a lovely town.

What was your coolest experience during your study?

The best part of studying abroad is to experience live in a foreign culture. To be taken out of your comfort zone is really something everyone should try. It was also cool to experience a whole different method of teaching, which puts higher demands on the students. An overwhelming difference, but certainly something positive.

Can you recommend a good restaurant or café in San Marcos?

The whole culture of eating and socialize outside of home is really an essential part of the American culture. So even though San Marcos is a relatively small city, there are still plenty of opportunities to experience that part of the culture. "Players Sportsbar" which is close to the university is a really nice place with good food, cheap pints and sports on big screens throughout the week. But if you want a real American experience, then have diner at "Money Pit". Otherwise, I recommend taking a trip south to San Diego and visit the historic "Gaslamp Quater", where there are plenty of cafes, bars, discos, shops, etc.

What did you learn from your study in the USA?

My English language skills have been significantly improved, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to study in the United States. In addition, it has been great to meet a lot of interesting American and international people. Study abroad is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Do you have any insider tips for future students at CSUSM?

Go in time and explore the area. For study information CSUSM's division for international students will help you with everything. Americans are generally incredibly welcoming and helpful, so if you are in doubt about something, you will always get some good advice.

Pictures from Morten's study in California

Tour to San Diego - Morten in San MarcosBasketball - Morten in San MarcosSunset - Morten in San Marcos 

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