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Marthe is studying in California

Marthe studies a Bachelor in Theatre at California State University, Northridge. She is having the time of her life and she shares her amazing experiences with you.

Name: Marthe Wendelborg
Education: BA in Theatre
University: California State University Northridge

How far in your degree are you?

I am a junior and have about 1,5 years left.

Why did you choose this particular university and study field?

I wanted to be in the middle of everything. The university is located centrally and close to most things – yet away from the worst traffic. I am studying to be an actress, so being in Los Angeles is not bad either.

What have you learned so far?

I am learning a lot within theater, how to use my voice and the practical stuff within the field. Also, I have chosen courses such as psychology, politics, astronomy and other courses I never could have had otherwise. The possibilities are endless. You can design your own schedule more of less on the basis of your needs and wishes.

How would you describe the university and the atmosphere?

Even though it is a big university with thousands of students, you do not feel lost. There are many places and activities on campus for all kinds of people. The buildings are very nice and I still find places on campus I didn’t know existed.

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Please tell us where you live and how you found your accommodation 

I live in an off-campus flat share right next to campus. I got a tip from one of my class mates who used to live there. It is mostly students that live there and you have a little more freedom living off-campus than living in dorms. It has a pool, jacuzzi, 24-hour study areas and a gym.

What are you planning on doing after you complete your studies? 

I have truly fallen in love with California and I wish to stay here after I finish. I am thinking of getting an internship and then we will see what the future holds.

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Do you have any advice for future students?

Be open-minded and take advantage of all the possibilities that the university offers. It can be a good idea to get a job on campus to meet friends, get familiar with the school system and earn a little cash. Also, become a member of different Facebook groups to meet other students from your home county, find a place to live or travelling advice. It is also a good idea to get a car to get around in LA.

Why did you choose to apply via KILROY?

It was a big privilege to have an agent helping me with the application process, information about scholarships and practicalities as my home country and the US has very different systems. It also felt good that someone was familiar with the university and could tell me more about California State University Northridge.

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