American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA)

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Study at AMDA in New York

Location, location, location. Study at AMDA's New York campus. You also have the possibility to study both in New York AND Los Angeles (dream do come true).

The New York campus is located in the prestigious Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The constant buzz of America's largest city doesn’t just come from the lights of Broadway; it comes from the bohemian heritage of the West Village, the underground beats of Harlem and the arias soaring from the Met. Performers from every country and discipline are drawn to Manhattan to pursue their dreams. Now it's your turn.

When you attend AMDA New York, Central Park is your front yard and Broadway is your backyard. Our students are a vital part of the creative community here, and the city itself sets the scene for an innovative learning experience. An AMDA education is more than just studio training; it's a backstage pass to New York City's performing arts scene.

study acting in new yorkMake your dreams come true. Live and study in New York. We help you!

Climate in New York

New York City has a humid subtropical climate, with cold winters and hot, moist summers. The city's coastal location ensures that winters (December to February) are not as cold as inland cities on the same latitude, and daytime temperatures generally stay above freezing point but average lows drop to -3°C.

Transportation in New York

New York City is immensely walkable and also has one of the most extensive mass transit systems in the world. There are over 1600 kilometers of bike paths and an easily accessible bike share program. And, with over 13,000 official taxis and an additional 14,000 Uber cars, let’s just say you will have no problems getting around town.

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