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The United States is a country for the adventurous no matter whether you have education or travel experiences on your mind. The american people are welcoming and the climate varies from snow-filled mountains to warm beaches.

Universities in the USA:

Why study in the States?

Adventurous people from all over the world has come to the U.S. with hopes and dreams for centuries. The USA is McDonald's, Hollywood and popular culture but also a lot more than that.

American education institutions have a very high academic standard and in addition to studying you will also get the chance to play your favourite sport or get better at your favourite hobby by joining a club at your university.

In the U.S you will have more choices and opportunities than anywhere else in the world.

Lifestyle in the U.S.

However you want to spend your leisure time you will find opportunities in the U.S. Learn to surf, paddle a kayak, to dive or to climb mountains.

The U.S. also has enormous shopping centres and amusement parks if this would be of any interest. American popular culture has also influenced the world through music and movies.

Facts about the USA

  • Population - 305 million (76 % of the population lives in cities)
  • Capital - Washington D.C.
  • Largest cities -  New York, Los Angeles and Chicago

Languages in the USA

  • English (215 millions)
  • Spanish (28 millions)
  • Chinese languages (2 millions)

Time Zones

The American time zones are 5 - 9 hours from Central European Time.


The majority of the population lives in the west or down south with California and Texas as the most populated states.

The population consists of 74 % Caucasians, 13,4 % African Americans and 4,4 % Asians. The two largest religions are Catholicism and Baptism.


Federal republic

Climate in the USA

Since the U.S. expands over a large area there are very different types of climate in the different parts. September and October are the only two months where the weather is comfortable all over the country.

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