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Campus & accommodation at the University of Auckland

Accommodation at the University of Auckland

Where to live, where to live? We’ll tell you all of your options, don’t worry. The University of Auckland has 6 campuses and several housing choices.

Student accommodation in Auckland 

The University of Auckland has a wide range of student housing on offer. All housing options are within an easy walking distance from the City Campus, you get to choose from fully- or self-catered residences. Older students (+19) usually live in the self-catered residences. There are also apartments exclusively reserved for postgraduate students.

You can also choose private accommodation: either a homestay, private residence or shared flat. The university advisory service assists with information about student accommodation options near the campuses. Finding an apartment on your own in Auckland is relatively easy. Note that the apartments in the private markets are rarely furnished.

Get in touch with our study advisors to learn more about housing options and to discuss which one would suit your needs and wishes the best.

Life at the University of Auckland's Campus

The campus at the University of Auckland is dynamic. Get involved in the vibrant student life on campus by joining one (or several) of the nearly 200 clubs: get into canoeing, photography, film or yoga, start jogging, join the art history society or kite surfing. Whether you’re looking for sports, student politics or some media work at the university’s own student magazine or radio station, you’re sure to find your own place amongst the campus activities.

You can also take advantage of the Careers Centre services. At the centre you’ll get to develop your career plan and polish your CV and interview skills with the help of the career specialist. You can also join Leadership Program and challenge yourself in volunteering for personal development.

All of the 6 campuses have cafés, shops, libraries and pretty much all that you need. Furthermore, the main campus, the City Campus, has some additional facilities such as health care, day care and fitness centres.


In the city of Auckland it is easy to get from place to place by walking and biking. However, public transport is also well developed and you can get around by bus, train and ferry. There are also shuttle busses transporting students from one campus to another several times a day.

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