New Zealand

Practical information about studying in New Zealand

You will need a student visa when you travel to New Zealand. KILROY education can help you with the visa application if you get accepted to a university in New Zealand.


New Zealand is a safe place to live. The food is of high quality and you can drink the water from the tap. All students have to buy a local insurance for basic health situations. We recommend that youalso get  a good travel insurance.


The most convenient route to New Zealand goes by flying via Asia. Suitable airlines include Quantas, British Airways and Singapore Airlines. The maximum weight of the luggage allowed is 20 kg. KILROY travels offers great tickets to students. Ask for a "stopover", then you have the possibility to stop and stay in Asia (Singapore, Bangkok, Bali) for the same price.

Travel between cities in New Zealand is really easy. The transportation is modern and on time. Some students buy their own car, but be aware that they drive on the left side of the road in New Zealand. Public transportation system in the cities is efficient and regular, and you can get to most of the places by foot or by bike!


You can choose to live on campus or you can look for accommodation on the private market. Many students choose to live together with other students. Prices vary depending on your requirements for the accommodation. If you wish to make use of the university's housing opportunities, KILROY education can help you to get an overview and to apply for them.

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