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Apply to Auckland University of Technology

Apply to Auckland University of Technology

Has Auckland University of Technology caught your interest and you want to apply for one of their study programs? Please contact KILROY's study advisors. We know the answers to (most of) your questions and will be happy to help you become a student at AUT.

Scholarships at Auckland University of Technology

There are several scholarships and awards available to international students. Contact KILROY for more information.  

Admission requirements

  • Undergraduate: Average grader from Upper Secondary School 
  • Postgraduate: Requirements that depend primarily on previous academic qualifications.
  • Study Abroad: Students can apply for SA without being enrolled at a home university. If they have not completed any prior higher education, this should be stated when you send the application.

What are the English requirements?  


Undergraduate degree and Study Abroad UG level:

  • Norway: 4 or better from VGS
  • Sweden. VG in English A and English B
  • Denmark: 7 in English A-level or 10 in English B level
  • Iceland: grade 9 in English from student’s Stúdentspróf (from Gymnasium) (Matriculation Certificate). Applicants with English grades outside of this will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Finland: A grade of 8 or better in English in the Upper Secondary School Certificate   
  • Netherlands: AUT not require IELTS for undergraduate program requiring standard IELTS for applicants schooled in the Netherlands. AUT do not have a specific grade requirement for applicants born and schooled in the Netherlands. As long as the program is a standard undergraduate program AUT will not be asking for IELTS.

Time limit: 2 year time limit. If the results are more than 2 years old, AUT would refer this to the faculty for review. If students have not achieved the above grades, they will have to take a standardized English language test (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL).

Postgraduate degree and Study Abroad PG level:

  • Normally required to take an IELTS/TOEFL test. Students may be exempt from the English language requirements if their previous studies were undertaken in a native English speaking country. 

When should I apply to Auckland University of Technology?

Auckland University of Technology has ongoing admission. If you are interested in this university, please contact KILROY’s study advisors as soon as possible to receive detailed information about the application process for your preferred study program at AUT. We will send you the application form, guide you through the whole process and make sure you have all the necessary forms, certificates and letters included in your application.

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