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Study abroad students attend the BIPAS (Bali International Program on Asian Studies) program, which is taught in English. The program includes courses in Business, Economics, Law, Tourism, Culture and Indonesian Language.

The Bali International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS) lasts for four months. Depending on how many courses you take, you can earn 25-35 ECTS. The program is open to both college students and students who have not yet studied at university level.

Term dates

Autumn Semester: September to December

Spring semester: January to May

The following courses are included in the program and you can take a minimum of five and a maximum of seven (each course corresponds to 5 ECTS):

  • Economy and Business of South - East Asia
  • The Indonesian History, Ethnology, Culture, and Customs
  • International Tourism Management
  • Business Law and Legal Tradition on Trade and Investment
  • Indonesian Language
  • Indonesian Literature
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Global Marketing

The program consists of the nine courses listed above and you are expected to choose at least 5 courses. Syllabi are available upon request should you need to put together a study plan to show your home university.

Program Fee: 1,590 EUR

Application Fee: 50 EUR



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