Udayana University

Student life at Udayana University

Students study at the main campus of Udayana University in Denpasar.

In Denpasar, students are close to everything. The food in Denpasar is fairly cheap and there are many different restaurant options, both on campus and in the city.

Most international students rent a house together, which costs about 300 euros per person per month (including cleaning).

Living with an Indonesian family

It is also possible to stay in a Balinese host family for about 100 euros per month. This is highly recommended so you can truly learn the local language and culture.

Most international students do not live in Denpasar, but in nearby areas at the beaches and away from the tourist sites. The easiest way to get to the campus is with a moped. Once you can successfully maneuver a moped through the streets of Denpasar, you will be a true Balinese local!



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