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Apply to Udayana University

Students can only apply for a study abroad semester at Udayana University, not entire degree programs. The program is organized by KILROY's partner, Asia Exchange.

Apply to Udayana University

It is best to apply at least three months before the start of your desired semester. Applying for this program is easy and you will get a preliminary answer about a week after you submit your application and supporting documents. KILROY will help you through the process.

How do I apply for Udayana University?

  1. Contact KILROY to send the application form to you.
  2. Include the following documents:
    • Certified copy of grades/course excerpts in English stamped by your university, or a certified copy of your high school grades if you are not enrolled in university or college.
    • A passport copy (please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months after arrival in Indonesia)
    • Passport photo: 4x3 cm in color (NOTE: Glasses may not be worn on the image and both ears must be visible.)
    • Signature page
  3. Send your application to KILROY education through e-mail or mail.

Things to consider

Indonesian authorities require that a health certificate be attached to the application. Ask your doctor to fill in the certificate. Note that the x-ray and TB test are not required.

After you have received the first acceptance letter by e-mail, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee (50 euros). Approximately 1.5 months before the semester, you will receive the invoice for the Study Abroad program. Both the acceptance letter and invoice will be sent from our partner, Asia Exchange.

Make sure to include your permanent resident address in the application for when the official acceptance letter is sent by post. Before submitting your application, you should contact KILROY to update us regarding any changes.


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