When studying in Bali, you will have the opportunity to go diving and do other leisure activities.

Study in Indonesia

The island of Bali is located east of Java, home of the capital city of Jakarta. Its facinating culture, white sandy beaches, and beautiful nature are almost magical. Head to Bali for a semester-long study abroad program and experience the island as a student. You will not have trouble finding things to do in your leisure time, such as diving, snorkeling, and spotting wildlife.

Universities in Indonesia

On the island of Bali, you will find one of the oldest Hindu and Sanskrit cultures as well as thousands of old temples and different regional ceremonies. Not to mention, the island is a beach paradise. Studying in Bali will give you the opportunity to experience this great island as a local, rather than as a visitor. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to learn the local rhythm, immerse yourself in a beautiful culture, and make plenty of new friends.

Bali has it all

The true Bali - volcanoes, desert beaches, Hindu temples, cozy villages, and friendly people - can be found outside the capital of Denpasar. Though tourism is a driving force in the Balinese economy, you can still find traditional values, like peaceful coexistence among Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. This variety is what makes Bali special. On another note, the island offers good level of service and countless possibilities for free time activities.

Accommodation in Bali

From Bali, you will find all the possible accommodation options - from luxury hotels to low-budget hostels. In Bali, you can get quite far on a student budget and you will have many options to choose from. There are accommodation options for every wallet, from staying in a surf lodge, to living with local families, to renting a luxury villa.

Many Study abroad students opt to rent a shared villa in groups of 4 to 10. The villas are often unique architectural creations and are equipped with a swimming pool and a cleaning service. Students pay a monthly rent of about 300 euros.

Alternatively, you can live in a homestay with a local Balinese family or rent a simple room for less than 100 euros per month.

Getting around in Bali is easy once you get the hang of it. Many students rent a moped for driving around. However, be sure that you have purchased decent insurance before you venture off into Balinese traffic!

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