Education in England

The studies are divided into two levels, undergraduate (bachelor degree) and post graduate (master's degrees and doctoral degrees).

The education system in England

A bachelor's degree usually takes three years. An Honours Degree is a Bachelor's degree in a particular high academic level, which usually also takes more time. A master's degree usually takes one year and is offered in two variants; Taught Masters (based on teaching and a final task) and Research Masters (almost entirely self-study guide). Some schools also offer various post graduate diplomas / certificates as an alternative to the ordinary master. You can also do sub-studies of six months to one year as part of a your degree.

Academic Calendar

The semester runs from September to December and January / February to May. The main intake is in September but some majors are also starting in January / February. The schools have rolling admissions, which in principle means that there will be no application deadlines. For the benefit of all the practicalities that should be in conjunction with a study abroad we still recommend that you apply before 15 november for February start and 15 June for September start.




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