Practical information on studies in England

KILROY helps you apply for studies in England and provides practical information about the scroll. visa, air ticket and insurance.

Country information

For travel and country information, check the State Department's Country pages of Britain.

Visa to study in England

You do not need a student visa to study in England or the rest of the UK. We encourage all students to contact your own country´s Embassy in London and report that you are studying in the country. If you work in the UK, you must have a National Insurance Number.

Insurance in England

As an EEA citizen you are entitled to benefits for healthcare in the UK. We would strongly recommend that you also obtain a private student insurance that applies to study abroad. KILROY recommend Gouda student insurance, which is aimed specifically at foreign students. If you search through KILROY you will be able to purchase student insurance at very favorable prices via KILROY Key Account Department.

Travel to England

Many airlines fly between the Nordics and England, and it is often possible to get very affordable tickets among budget airlines. Check with your local travel agent or contact the airlines directly, such as Norwegian, Ryanair, SAS / Braathens and British Airways. You can carry up to 20 kilos of luggage. If you need extra shipping, please contact the post office or delivery agencies (DHL, UPS etc.).
With KILROY, students can take advantage of deals with KILROY that provides the following benefits:
KILROY offers the best and cheapest flights at favorable prices for KILROY's students. When purchasing student tickets KILROY's students will receive a full refund of the journey if your study space is not confirmed.

Travel in England

It is quite easy to get from place to place in England (if you ignore the chaos that can occur during peak hours around the major cities). Cheap airlines can fly you within England as well as other countries of the United Kingdom without any major expenditure. Bus (Bus operating long-haul routes called coach) and trains are also effective vehicles and covers most of the country. It pays to inquire about special discounts and travel passes. In London, there is also a well developed metro system. Driving a car is a great way to explore the country (note that there are large parking difficulties in the cities), but remember that England practice left driving, which can be a challenge to get used to.

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