Finance your studies in England

You must pay tuition fee to study in England. In addition, you must cover housing and living expenses and expenses for airfare and insurance. Here you will find information about costs and how to fund your studies in England.

Tuition fees in England

International students must pay more in tuition fees than EU citizens when studying at universities in England. The size of the amount depends to begin with on which university and the subjects you study. Normally, the semester fee is around: 

Undergraduate: £ 6,700 - £ 10,500
Post Graduate: £ 7,200 - £ 12,000
Part two: £ 6,000 - £ 7,000

Accommodation and living expenses

In addition to tuition, there are living expences, i.e. costs of housing, food, clothing, books, entertainment, travel, telephone etc. Costs will of course vary according to the needs you have and where you live, but expect approx. £ 6,000 - £ 9,500.

Scholarships in England

You can also search for college scholarships or private scholarships.

Work alongside your studies

As an EEA citizen you do not need a work permit to work in England or the rest of the UK. Note however that you will need a National Insurance Number that you can get at the local Social Security office.




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