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Apply to Coventry University

Do you think Coventry University might be the right university for you? Then you should get in touch with us! We are Coventry's official representative in the Nordics, the Netherlands and Belgium, and can assist you with your application, answer your questions and help you with other practicalities.

The student counselling we provide is completely free and we are happy to assist you through the application process - helping you achieve your dream of studying in England.

Coventry University has continuous admission, which means that you can start your application as soon as you have decided to apply to Coventry University. We recommend that you apply at least 2-3 months before the semester starts. 


Coventry University has scholarships that are available to international students based on their merits. You can read more about their scholarships here.

Admission requirements for Coventry University

Admission requirements for Coventry University vary depending on the degree you are applying for, but generally, Coventry require a good academic average from your previous studies. They will evaluate your application in relation to your past and current studies, your grades, as well as the degree you are applying for at Coventry.

What are the English requirements?

If you are applying for an undergraduate degree, Coventry University can consider your English results from your Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate. If you do not meet the English requirements, or if you are applying for a postgraduate degree, you will be required to take a standardized English language test like the TOEFL or the IELTS test.

As English requirements may vary depending on your nationality and amongst the different degrees, we strongly suggest that you contact us to hear more about the current requirements before taking a test.

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