Coventry University

Campus life and accommodation at Coventry University

Campus life and accommodation at Coventry University

Coventry University has two campuses, a main campus in Coventry and a smaller campus in the heart of London. No matter which one of them you are going to study at, this is the place to find information about student accommodation and student lif at Coventry University!

Coventry's two campuses:

Coventry campus

Campus life and accommodation at Coventry University

The main campus is located in Coventry, where it occupies a 33 acre area in the heart of Coventry city centre. The campus buildings and environment are constantly being developed and enhanced. This includes a newly built £55 million Engineering and Computing Building, designed by industry experts to be the most advanced technological learning space in the UK.

Coventry University is know for its distinct and innovative architecure, which includes the Lanchester Library buidling. The building has over 1,200 study areas, 450 computer workstations and a wealth of learning materials and information services. The award-winning design maximises the natural light and ventilation, making it a great place to study. On site you will also find a bookshop and a café where you can catch up with your friends. 

You will  find everything you need on Coventrys campus. When we say everything, we mean everything: Do you have a cough? Head down to the campus doc to get some caough medicine. Want some career advice? Head down to the Careers and Employability centre. Feeling hungry? Head down to the food court or the on campus convinience store. And it doesn't stop there, Coventry even have an on campus hair salon and a night club!

At the University's Sport and Recreation Centre you will find a modern gym facilities including a range of cardiovascular and resistance machines. You can hire sports halls to play football, basketball and much more. There are also fitness and relaxation classes. Adjacent to the campus is the city's sports centre housing an Olympic 50m swimming pool and leisure centre facilities.

There is no need to worry about making new friends at Coventry University. With nearly 100 clubs and student societies for you to join, there are pelenty of possibilities to make new friends. 

London campus

Campus life at Coventry University's London campus - KILROY

The London campus is considerably smaller than the Coventry campus and consist of one single buliding located in the heart of London. This campus is more formal than the Coventry campus and the student are excpected to dress neatly for class. 

Since the Coventry's campus in London is so small, the campus has partnered up with the organization Student Central, witch organizes activities and social events for students from all over London. This way you can enjoy a broad range of student activities and become a part of the larger student society in London, despite studying at a smaller campus. 

Student accommodation at Coventry University

As a student at Coventry University you can choose among a broad array of student accomodation, wether you wish to live on campus, of camous, alone or with other students. At the London campus there are no on campus accomodation, but Coventry cooperates with several high quality student accommodation providers who offers student housing withing walking distance from campus.

At the Coventry campus however, students can choose among a broad range of off and on campus accomodation. So you can pick and choose weather you wish to live in the on campus halls of residence, in one of the university owned houses or if you want to find accomodation on the private market. You can also chose weather or not you woud like catered option or not. Most independet students preffer living in one of the university owned houses where you live in a shared flat with other students. Finding accomodation on the private market is also a popular choice among international students. 

Transport to and from Coventry University

Transport to and from Coventry University

Coventry is easy to reach by road or rail thanks to its central location in the county. The train station is a just few minutes' walk away from the University. There is also a comprehensive network of busses departing from the train station, so you are well connected as a student at Coventry.

Coventry's London campus is also well connected as it is located less than a 5-minute walk from the Liverpool Street station - a major bus, underground and rail hub. Life is easy at Coventry University!

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