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Have you ever dreamt about studying in England? We cooperate with Coventry University in England to help make your dreams come true! Coventry has a long tradition as a provider of education with strong links to business and industry. Welcome to your future university!

Below, you will find basic information about studying at Coventry University. The other tabs provide you with information about study programs, accommodation, student life in England and the application process. Do not hesitate to contact KILROY's study advisors if you have any questions - it is completely free!

7 Good reasons to study at Coventry University

  • At Coventry University, you are not just another brick in the wall. With a student to teacher ratio of 16:1, you are sure to get a close and personal relationship with Coventry's dedicated teaching staff.
  • You get a chance to study at one of the world's most international universities. Coventry is listed as number 45 on the top 100 list!
  • If you are looking to get some work experience, Coventry can guarantee you an internship or a work related project.
  • Coventry has magnificent teaching facilities adapted to the university's interactive and practically oriented style of teaching.
  • Studying in England will enable you to improve your English skills as you pick up a nice British accent along the way.
  • Coventry has more satisfied students than any other institution for higher education in the UK. Chances are you are going to like it here too!
  • Studying in England will allow you to take a full master degree in just one year, as that is the standard length of a postgraduate degree in the UK.

Coventry is a high ranked university

Study at Coventry University - KILROY

Coventry has a good reputation in Britain and in the rest of the world. In 2015, The Guardian listed Coventry University as number 15 on their list of the UK's best universities. Coventry has also been named "Modern University of the Year" for the third year in a row by the Sunday Times (2016). Furthermore, the QS World Rankings placed Coventry University among the top 4% of the best institutions for higher education in the world.

What can I Study at Coventry University?

At Coventry University, you can study a wide array of subjects, ranging from sport management and marketing, to psychology, criminology, design and fashion. We offer both bachelor and master degrees at Coventry University, so the choice is yours! 

How much does it cost to study at Coventry?

The cost of studying at Coventry University varies according to both level of study and study field. It is therefore difficult to say something general about the cost of studying at Coventry. However, our study advisors will be happy to send you an accurate price for your preferred study program and courses, as well as an estimated budget for living in England. Get in touch with us here!

Fun facts about Coventry University

Study at Coventry University in England with KILROY

  • Coventry University has a phoenix as their symbol - reflecting the process the city of Coventry went through - rising from the ashes after WW2.
  • At the Coventry campus, there is a lawn full of tombstones. This is because the university was built on a former graveyard. As the ground is classified as sanctified ground, the tombstones cannot be removed.
  • The average price for a pint of beer in pub in Coventry is £2.8. Cheers!
  • In Coventry, you will find the Coventry Transport Museum, which holds the world's largest collection of British made cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

How can KILROY help me study in England?

We offer free student counselling, and can assist you all the way from your very first questions about studying in England, through the application process and to your final arrival in England. Please get in touch with us to hear more about your opportunities for studying at Coventry University. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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