Why Study in England?

In England tradition and innovation go hand in hand, especially when it comes to education. The prestigious and venerable university has for centuries ensured England's academic reputation. Meanwhile England is ultra modern, with new institutions and one of Europe's most multi-cultural population. The bustling metropolis of London is a world in miniature. England is definitely more than the "country life" and dusty traditions.

Universities in England:

England is the southern part of the United Kingdom and is the largest and most populous of the countries. England, and especially London, has experienced a huge immigration from all corners of the world, and a wide variety of languages can be heard in addition to British English.

Over the past 100 years, England has gone from being one of the world's most powerful colonial nation  to find its role as one of many member countries of the EU. Today England is a modern, energetic and international community with a prosperous future. It's obviously also about football, pub culture, tea-time, quaint villages, great scenery, southern seaside towns and friendly people that help to spice up your study time with good experiences.

Facts about England

Population: Approx. 53 million (2017)  
Capital: London  
Biggest cities: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester  
Language: English  
Currency: Pound sterling (£)  
Time Zone: -1









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