Financing your studies in Dubai

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management offers a scholarship for Nordic and Dutch full-time BSc students who apply for enrollment in Academic Year 2012 / 2013!

The scholarship will continue for the duration of the degree assuming you maintain a GPA of 3.0 (a maximum achievable GPA of 4.0).

See the Scholarship details and breakdown (PDF). Please also see the fee structure for Campus Accomodation (PDF).

In order to assist in the easy payment of Tuition Fees, The Academy offers flexible payment options:

  • For the Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science (Hons.) programme, payment of fees in advance of each trimester is possible (i.e. Full payment of fees for the entire duration of the programme need not be made upfront).
  • For the Master of Science programme, the amount of fees will depend on the number of modules taken.
  • Both The Study Abroad and English as a Foreign Language programme fees need to be settled before a certificate of enrolment can be issued.

Private support

There are several possibilities of financing the study fees. It may be through grants from parents, bank loans or by applying for scholarship aid. Please visit the university's website or contact KILROY education directly for further information regarding funding options. 

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