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Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is one of the world´s richest countries. Due to the country´s massive oil reserves and tourism, the area is developing at incredible speed.

It is estimated that the numbers of visitors will increase from 5 to 15 million in 2015, making it the perfect place to study hospitality and tourism.

Dubai offers an incredible variety of restaurants and bars suiting every type of budget and taste.  There are plenty of sport activities that can be enjoyed in the area, including sand surfing, horseback riding on the beach, sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

Dubai is also known for its great shopping and it offers everything from traditional 'souks' (markets) to some of the biggest shopping malls in the world.

In addition has Dubai been chosen by Interpol as the safest tourist destination for the fourth year in a row.

KILROY represents The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai. With its reputation for excellent teaching experience, The Academy offers you a highly valuable and fully competitive basis for an international career in the hospitality industry and business management.

Dubai is the fastest growing tourism destination in the world, with more than 100 hotels planned and under construction, so there are plenty of job opportunities in the region after completing the education.

Economy in Dubai

Despite what you may have heard only 3% of the economy of Dubai origin from oil.

Financial services, trade and tourism are the areas which dominate the economy of the country.

Lifestyle in Dubai

Dubai is a multicultural place with a wide range of nationalities. It has created an exciting mix of cultures, colors and food traditions. Residents of Dubai are generally very liberal and open.

Population in Dubai

1.5 million inhabitants.

Languages in Dubai

The official language is Arabic, however English is widely used. Hindi and Urdu are also commonly heard.


United Arab Emirates Dirhams, AED

1 Dirham = 100 fils
10 Dirham = approx.  1.9 EUR

Time zone

Dubai is 3 hours ahead of CET.

Demographic data

Dubai has approx. 1.5 million inhabitants of whom 75% are men. The city of Dubai is a multicultural society, only 5% are local emirates and the rest are residents from all over the world.

Government in Dubai

The Ruler of Dubai (the Governor) is named His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also known as Sheik Mohammed. He has been the regent for the last four years.  He is also the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates.

Climate in Dubai

The climate in Dubai is subtropical which means that the weather in Dubai is hot and sunny most of the year. The average daily temperature during the winter is 25°C, closer to the coast it is 12-15°C, and in the desert or the mountains 5°C. At night it becomes relatively cold. The weather during the summer in Dubai is very hot and humid, with temperatures that can reach as far up as 40°C. 

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