Student life in Suzhou, China

Student life in Suzhou, China

Suzhou is located in the centre of the Yangtze Delta in the South of Jiangsu Province. The city has Shanghai to the East, Zhejiang Province to the South, Wuxi City to the West and the Yangtze River to the North. Within Suzhou is Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). This area also contains the Higher Education Town, where Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) is located along with many other higher education institutions.

Dushu Lake High Education Town has so much to offer

The city is famous for the distinctive architecture of the Chinese ancient gardens, nine of which are listed as World Cultural Heritage sites. Suzhou is rich in canals and has been called "the World's Oriental Venice". It is also one of the most economically dynamic cities in China.

XJTLU is located in the Dushu Lake High Education Town, which forms part of the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). SIP is a cooperative project between the Chinese and Singaporean governments and is the most competitive industrial development zone in China, hosting a large number of national and international companies. Consequently, XJTLU has been able to offer students several global internship and employment opportunities.

Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District (SEID) is a core development program for the upgrade and transformation of Suzhou Industrial Park’s economic structure. Currently there are 18 higher education organisations settled in SEID, including University of Science and Technology of China, Renmin University and XJTLU itself. 

Things to do and see in the Suzhou

  • Visit some of Suzhou’s famous classic gardens, such as the Humble Administrator's Garden and the Lingering Garden.
  • A motorboat cruise on the Grand Canal, or a rickshaw to the hutongs in the old city area.
  • See the weekend water and laser display at Jinji Lake.
  • The many Water Towns are a must see in Suzhou, including Zhouzhuang Water Town.
  • Students wanting to explore the cultural side of Suzhous can drop by Suzhou Museum, featuring over 30,000 Chinese cultural relics. Suzhou is also the hometown of Kun Opera (or Kunqu /kwnn-chyoo/), one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera.
  • Walk along the historic Pingjiang Road, Shantang Street or Tiger Hill.
  • Get a taste of Suzhou’s cuisine, with specialities like the Hairy Crab and "Squirrel" Fish. 
  • Enjoy a night out at one of Suzhou’s many pubs and bars. Popular bars in Suzhou Industrial Park include Ollie’s, Tunnel bar, Jenny’s, Goodfellas and The Blue Marlin. 
  • Students can also spend an evening at one of the popular Karaoke TV venues spread across Suzhou, a perfect place to sing, eat, drink and get to know fellow international and Chinese students. 

Student life in Suzhou, China - Why not go on a cycling tour through the city
Cycling tour in Suzhou, China


Suzhou’s climate is mild and moist with four distinctive seasons. The city has hot and humid summers, with temperatures reaching over 35°C and cold winters, where temperatures drop below 0°C.

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