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Study in Beijing

As the capital city of China for an uninterrupted 800 years, Beijing is the political, cultural, historical and intellectual centre of China. Beijing is located in the north of China and has a continental climate, with warm and humid summer and cold and dry winters.

Centred around the magnificent Forbidden City and the vast Tiananmen Square in the heart of the city, Beijing covers 17 thousand square kilometres and has a population of 22 million, including close to a million expats.

Beijing is a friendly and historical city, which seamlessly blends hundreds of imperial temples and palaces with 21st century futuristic architecture, into what is now one of the most impressive and powerful metropolises of the world. With Financial Street, China’s Wall Street, and Zhongguancun, China’s Silicon Valley, Beijing is also the country’s most important financial, technological and innovation hub.

The city boasts over 50 institutions of higher education, and is home to a rapidly expanding international students community. Entertainment, recreation, shopping and food are available in any imaginable form and shape.

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