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campus at UIBE in Beijing

Student life at UIBE- University of Business and Economics

UIBE students are offered accommodation in apartments which are 10-15 minute walk from the campus of UIBE. The community where the apartments are located is home to a large number of not only local Beijing residents but also many international students of UIBE from different countries and regions.

Location of UIBE in Beijing

The University of International Business and Economics(UIBE) is located in the north-east of Chaoyang District, between the Third and Fourth Ring road, and surrounded by a number of other universities. Chaoyang District is Beijing’s most diverse, internationally oriented, business intensive district.  UIBE is well located next to Beijing’s main business and entertainment centers, and well connected to the public transportation system. It takes around 30 minutes to travel to the city center, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

Facilities at UIBE

Internet, liberary, gym, restaurants, printing shops, phone shops, computer shops, cafeteria, post office, convenience stores, stadiums and professional playground for sports such as badmintons, tennis, ping pong, basketball, football etc. The first-class swimming pool is being built and expected to be finished in 2015.


Many bus routes are centered at different gates of UIBE, which will take students to almost anywhere in Beijing. In China, bus intervals are usually much shorter than Europe and USA. Students usually need to take one or two bus stops from UIBE campus to transfer to the subway at the nearest station. In Beijing, subway lines have been able to cover most of the tourist places, shopping malls, and entertainment areas etc. Taxies and bicycles are also available and cost efficient to use.


A standard apartment is exclusively for international students with shared living/dining room, kitchen, toilet, wifi internet, washing machine and fridge, free cleaning service etc. All rooms are single occupancy and comes at a price of 120 CNY per day (2013 prices) (excluding costs for electricity, gas and water).

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