Tsinghua University

Study programs at Tsinghua University

Study programs at Tsinghua University

KILROY can help you apply for 1-2 semesters of Study Abroad at Tsinghua University.

What can I study at Tsinghua University?

As a Study Abroad student at Tsinghua University, you can choose from three types of courses. If you have no prior Mandarin experience, you’ll be required to take at least one Mandarin course.

  • Academic courses – Tsinghua University offers over 200 courses taught in English. KILROY can provide you with more information about these courses and request course syllabuses on your behalf.
  • Chinese culture and society classes – you’ll be able to choose from classes such as Chinese History and Culture, Chinese Tourism or Analysis of Popular Topics in Modern China.
  • Mandarin classes – You will be able to choose to fit your level, from beginner to advanced and even a course in Business Chinese is available.
  • As a Study Abroad student at Tsinghua, you’ll be required to enroll into 5 to 6 courses per semester for a full course load, and you can choose any combination of the above courses to complete this course load. Contact KILROY for more information about available courses.

When do the semesters start?

There are two main semesters to the Study Abroad Program Tsinghua University:

  • Spring semester: February – June
  • Fall semester: September – January

Study programs and fields of study at Tsinghua University

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