Tsinghua University

Apply to TSinghua University

Apply to Tsinghua University

If Tsinghua University has caught your interest, please contact KILROY's study advisors for information about entry requirements and the application process.

Admission Requirements

If you would like to study for 1-2 semesters at Tsinghua University, you need to be enrolled at an institution in your home country and you must have completed at least one year of your studies. You will also need good grades and you have to meet the pre-requisites to all the courses you want to take. Please contact KILROY for more information about the entry requirements.

English requirements

The English requirements vary. In certain cases, the English grade from your Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate can be considered, while in other cases you will have to take a standardized English Language test. KILROY will be able to tell you exactly what is needed in order to fulfil the English entry requirements and gain admission.

When should I apply?

Please contact KILROY to receive detailed information about your study options and the specific entry requirements at Tsinghua University in Beijing. We will send you the application form and help you throughput the whole application process.


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