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Campus and accommomdation at Tsinghua University

Campus and accommodation at Tsinghua University

Would you like to study at Tsinghua University, but not sure of your accommodation options? Don't worry! We will guide you, tell you where you can live as a student in Beijing and inform you about what campus life is like.

Student accommodation in Beijing

On-campus housing is not guaranteed for international students, but you have the opportunity to secure your accommodation through our KILROY-partner in Beijing. This could be an apartment in close proximity to the campus (around 10 minutes by bike). Students that choose this option will have their own bedroom in a shared apartment with other students or expatriates. The shared facilities include a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, washing machine, TV, air conditioning and lounge. Wi-Fi, Electricity, gas, water, internet and weekly cleaning is also provided.

You may also find your own housing on the private market, but it's not recommended unless you're fluent in Chinese and you're not recommended to rent without having visited the location.

Campus facilities

Tsinghua University has a very large campus, and many students choose to travel by bike to and from classes.

The on-campus shopping center is located at Zhaolanyuan, where you find banks, post office, supermarket, bookstores, fruit and vegetable market, photo studios, restaurants, hairdresser and a laundry service.

The on-campus sporting facilities include tennis courts, badminton courts, football fields, basketball courts and a rock-climbing wall.

The shops within the campus are well equipped and sell almost everything that a student might need. With 13 dining halls, there is no shortage of food options!

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Off-campus accommodation is mostly located a 10-minute bike ride from Tsinghua University and in close proximity to public transportation and affordable dining options.
Students can buy a new or a second hand bike from the shops outside the campus West Gate.

For students who do not own a bike, the campus shuttle is a good option. The shuttle bus has a fixed 20-minute route around the campus.

Beijing has 17 Metro Lines sprawling across the city, with three stations providing access within only 5 minutes' walk of the campus (West & East Gates)

Campus life at Tsinghua University

With 137 student societies, Tsinghua University promises a vibrant campus life beyond the classroom and you may become part of it! Tsinghua has from it received it's very first international students to present, where students from around 120 nations mingle with Chinese students, evolved into an international Chinese University ranking at the very top academically.

The university motto is "Self-discipline and social commitment" and has the approach of "action speak louder than words", this combined make the study environment which present the best possibilities for you to immerse in and transform yourself and become a true global student with a unique insight in Chinese culture and society.


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