Trent University

Student life at Trent University

The beautiful main campus is located about 20 minutes from the center of Peterborough. Therefore, the campus itself is surrounded by the lovely Canadian wilderness, yet the excitement of town is not far away either.

Facilities and Activities

The University offers students a wide range of sports activities, as well as free access to the school gym. There are many different varsity and club teams that students can join, such as rowing, rugby, soccer, volleyball, cross-country, lacrosse, golf, hockey, jiu-jitsu, figure skating, synchronized swimming, dance, equestrian, water polo, baseball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and more. If you are not the athletic type, then you may be interested in other campus groups. The university hosts many clubs and student organizations that fit a variety of interests and hobbies. No matter what you choose, you will feel a sense of belonging among the campus’ various social, academic, and athletic programs.


As previously mentioned, you can reach Toronto in an hour and a half by road. There are 12 buses running every day between Toronto and Peterborough, so you do not have to worry about driving. For $95, you can even arrange transportation from the Toronto airport to your accommodation in Peterborough.


Trent University offers student housing in its “Residential Colleges”. You can stay in a single room for CAD 9,000 per year (2011) or in a double room for ca. CAD 8,000 per year (2011). Meals are included in this university housing contract, so you would not need to shop or cook for yourself. Alternatively, if you are interested in living off-campus, it is a good idea to check out the university housing wesbsite. Most European students prefer to find a private residence with other students, but it may be easier to integrate into the student life if you live in the campus residence. Either way, the university offers an orientation for international students called TIP Camp. During this program, students will receive an introduction to Canadian life and culture, meet other students from around the world, and learn about the academic transition into Trent. TIP support services will continue to help you throughout your studies, so living off-campus does not mean that you are without support or a community.


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