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Apply to Trent University

We recommend that you apply for admission to Trent University 3-4 months before you hope to begin your studies. If you are interested in beginning the process, please contact KILROY. KILROY can help you with your questions, your application, and all of the practicalities associated with your study.

Admission Requirements

Trent University requires that all incoming students are at a strong academic level. They will evaluate your application in relation to your previous and current studies in terms of the grades that you earned and the courses that you have chosen.

English requirements

Trent University requires that all international students demonstrate a certain level of English proficiency. You can qualify by earning a score of 86 or better on the TOEFL iBT language test or a 6.5 or better on the IELTS test. However, each applicant is individually assessed in this regard. It is also possible to qualify based on the level of English that you achieved in high school. Please contact KILROY for more details.

For students who do not meet the language requirement, there is the opportunity to participate in an "English for University Program " . Entry requirements may vary, so please contact us for more information regarding admission to the program that interests you.


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