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Beautiful nature surrounds Trent University.

Study at Trent University

Study in Canada with KILROY. Trent University is one of Canada's top undergraduate universities. Known for its strong teaching, international population, and small size, Trent offers both a quality education and a close student community. With only 8,000 students representing 110 different countries, there is a strong emphasis on global citizenship, small class sizes, and a strong faculty.

What can you study at Trent University?

Trent University is especially known for international studies and other social sciences. However, the university also offers strong academic programs in other areas, such as Business, Journalism, and Biology.

Academic reputation

Trent University is one of Canada's leading universities for undergraduate studies. In 2010, the university received an “A” rating from the Globe and Mail for its small class sizes, teaching quality, satisfied students, and campus atmosphere. In 2010, the university was also ranked among the “Top 10 Undergraduate Business Schools” by Corporate Knights.

Why study at Trent University?

As a young, innovative, and inclusive university, Trent is one of Canada's most valued institutions for undergraduate studies. It is also a great environment for international students, since the university provides significant guidance and support for them. The university also has an ideal geographic location, since it is situated between Toronto, Canada’s largest city, and Ottawa, Canada’s capital. You will also benefit from the university’s emphasis on small class sizes, which enables you to have more guidance, assistance, and a closer relationship to your professors. Essentially, Trent is a high quality teaching and research university that has the unique feature of a small size. You will be part of a welcoming, supportive, and involved campus.


Number of students: 8,000

Number of international students: 550

Academic Calendar: Semesters begin in September and January

Level and tuition fees:

  • Study Abroad (1-2 semesters): CAD 10,000 per semester (2014)
  • Degree: CAD 10,000 per semester (2014)

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