Thompson Rivers University

Student stories from the Thompson Rivers University

You have read now how great the university is and how amazing the city is with its numerous activities, but how is it really to be a student at the Thompson Rivers University? Read here what previous students have got to say!

Name: Stine
Study option: A Study Abroad period of one semester in Psychology 

Stine tells about her student life at the Thompson Rivers University 

"I would recommend everybody to come and study at the Thompson Rivers University, it is a great opportunity to get to know another culture and the whole 'studying abroad' gives you a great experience which can be useful in the future - not just for your future career but also for your personal development. The city is small but cozy, there are pubs and bars, a lot of options to go out to dance and hear some music so it nevers becomes boring here. 

I took some courses in psychology, which I can transfer to my university when I get back to Denmark. I really evolved personally a lot during my Study Abroad period at TRU. Studying abroad is a valuable experience which I'll take with me for the rest of my life."


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