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Student life in Kamloops

Experience student life in Kamloops in the most amazing settings you can imagine. In this modern city you will experience the vibe of a small-town community with a multicultural environment. Discover the amazing range of outdoor adventures the city has got to offer. The great outdoors will give you unforgettable experiences.

Student life in Kamloops - the great outdoors

The city of Kamloops is surrounded by stunning natural settings which are the perfect source and location for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Golfing, white-water rafting, hiking, skiing, kayaking and horseback riding are just some of your options.  

The city itself has a lot to offer with its diverse cultural scene, more than 200 restaurants and its lively nightlife. Try passing by at The Art We Are, a local artisan joint. It's the perfect place to spend some hours and try some delicious organic food. On Saturdays this place turns into a live music venue with bands playing from all over the country. The Canadians say their live music is phenomenal so go and try it out for yourself. In case you're up for some more beers, head down to Commodore, where you will find a mix of all kind of music, or go to Kelly O'Bryan's. You guessed it already, it is a classic Irish bar with employees dressed in kilts. Irish, Scottish, Canadian, who keeps track of these things anyway?! 

If you want to relax and enjoy the views instead, head down to Chapter's Viewpoint restaurant. Here you can overlook the whole city of Kamloops on a relaxing summer evening.   

Lifestyle in Kamloops

The city of Kamloops is the third largest city in British Colombia. It is a popular stop to make on a trip to the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park. If you have some spare time, try to check out these amazing natural parks. Located between mountains, river valleys, deserts and grasslands, this city allows you to experience it all. The city itself has a very relaxed lifestyle. 

Spring starts early and the temperature stays nice until late fall, so perfect for all your upcoming outdoor adventures. The city itself is modern with a small-town vibe over it. The residents of the city, around 100.000, make a warm and welcoming community.   

Another positive aspect of living in Kamloops is that the cost of living is around 10-20% lower than if you lived in a bigger city such as Vancouver or Toronto.

Top things to do when studying in Kamloops

Skiing at Sun Peaks Resort

1. Go skiing or snowboarding at the nearby Sun Peaks Resort

2. Visit the Kamloops Cowboy Festival 

3. Discover Canada's only Ice Wine Festival 

4. Celebrate the annual Kampoola Pow Wow Festival

Kayaking and other outdoor sports are very popular

5. Go kayaking on one of the surrounding rivers

6. Take your golf clubs out! This place is not known as 'Canada's Tournament Capital' for nothing!

Go white water rafting

7. Go white-water rafting 

8. Discover the local beers through a walking beer tasting tour of the downtown spots

9. Have tea with a monk at the Birken Forest Monastery in Sitavana

Visit Vancouver city

10. Go and discouver Vancouver 

Kamloops is only a 45 min flight or a 3.5 hours drive away from Vancouver.

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Climate in Kamloops

Kamloops is one of British Columbia’s sunniest cities! The city has a warm and dry climate, which is temperate with four seasons.

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