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Information about studying in Canada

Here you can find more information about being an international student in Canada. Contact our study advisors and receive free study guidance about studying in Canada.

Visas in Canada

If you want to study in Canada and just want to be away one semester, you do not need a student visa. For longer studies you must apply for a student visa through the High Commission in London, England. Contact us for further information.

Health in Canada

As a student in Canada you will need a foreign student insurance that gives you complete insurance coverage for the duration of your study time. KILROY education recommend Gouda foreign student insurance, specially adjusted for foreign studies.

Travel to Canada

You should book your ticket well in advance to be sure to get a trip that suits your desired dates. The ticket may preferrably be booked with KILROY, offering flexible student tickets at low prices.

Accommodation in Canada

Many foreign students find a place to stay together with other students or on their own. It is relatively easy to rent a house or an apartment off-campus in Canada. We recommend that you book a temporary place to stay, so you have a place to sleep the first few nights. Great prices on hotel and hostel can be booked through KILROY. You can also choose to stay with a host family or on the university area / campus in a student room, house or apartment. Housing with host families and study rooms often include breakfast and lunch. To stay on campus during the first semester can be a good idea if you are coming directly from high school and are not used to living on your own. This way you  also get in contact with many other students. You book these types of accommodations after you have been admitted to your degree and then you will also get more information about the different housing options.

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