Living costs

Accomodation costs and expenses for food is estimated at approx. 3.000 EUR per semester. Add to this the expense of books, transportation, spending money, as well as travel, insurance and visa.

Payment of semester fee

You are paying a semester fee at all schools that KILROY education represents. The fee depends on the school and what study you choose. The most common programs cost between 4.000 and 8.000 EUR per semester. See the individual school's catalog or website for current prices.

Public support

Please look at our local KILROY pages for more information regarding public support.

Private support

In order to finance the part of the school fee that is not covered by public funding, there are several options. It can be through grants from parents, bank loans or by searching grants from different interest funds. You can also apply for scholarship from the university you choose to study at.

Work and study

In Canada you are allowed to work on campus during your study time. If you take a full education in Canada, you can apply for a 1-2 year work permit. There are however certain restrictions.


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