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Education in Canada

What is education in Canada like? Are you thinking about studying in Canada? Get free study guidance with KILROY. We help you with your application to a university in Canada and everything else.

Study levels in Canada

You can study at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level at universities in Canada. You can also study electives in one or two semesters as a Study Abroad student. A bachelor's degree takes typically four years in Canada. The first two years are called Lower Division and the last two years are called Upper Division. You can also start your academic training and take a degree at a community college. There you can read a two-year Associate Degree to later continue at a university on your way on to a Bachelors Degree. A community college often has lower tuition fees than a university.

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Academic calendar in Canada

The academic study year begins in August / September and ends in May the following year with a short break over Christmas. Some schools plan their calendar year into three periods, meaning that you can study during the summer and thereby shorten the training time. Usually you will read four topics parallel to each other in the course of a semester to be a full-time student. Most courses start both in August / September and January / February. If you are interested in reading Study Abroad, you can choose when you want to begin your education. Some programs are offered, however, not all year round and it must be borne in mind.

Language skills for studying in Canada

KILROY education has special arrangements for applicants from the Nordic countries, the Netherlands and Belgium. Please look at our local KILROY page for more information. Our partners will always make an individual assessment of your application. If you have a lower average grade, but have practical experience in English, this may in some cases be enough if the recommendations can be displayed. Special language tests can be required for some Bachelor- or Master educations.

English test before studying in Canada

If you have to take a language test you can for example take a TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language), which is the most recognized international language test. You can book your TOEFL test online through TOEFLs website. You can also test yourself so you are better prepared for the test on the day.


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